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Organic Vegetables - Seed Growers and Pittfalls

A great way to ensure a healthy diet is by growing your own organic vegetables from seed. Most people tend to start out small when beginning gardening. Tending your own small garden may be enough of an inspiration for you to expand your small organic patch into a small farm. In some communities, friends and neighbors set aside land for community gardens. Whatever the case may be, you will need bulk organic vegetable seeds from reputable growers to begin your project. There are several potential sources for bulk organic seed. The information below should help you in your search.

Local nurseries and garden centers generally sell bulk organic plant seeds. You should check your local phone directory and call around to find out what they carry. If they don't carry seed in bulk, then they will more than likely be able to tell you if any growers in your area do.

Garden stores in your area are another potential source of bulk organic seeds. Home centers, like Lowe's and Home Depot, often have a section for gardening. Large, discount box stores like Wal-mart usually have garden centers as well. You might find bulk seed for your garden planting at a farm supply store if you live in a rural area. It is always wise to ask around, as a local grower may have want you want even if the store does not.

Another idea is to order bulk seed from seed catalogs and have them delivered to your home. Companies like Burpee Seed Company have many kinds of organic vegetable seeds in their catalog, and will more than likely have what your looking for in stock.

Johnny's Seed Company has been selling farm equipment and bulk organic seed for almost forty years. This company is one of many growers able to meet the USDA organic requirements for the organic seed they sell; which includes being certified as an organic handler and processor.

A word of caution before you buy organic seed. You should be sure it has been certified organic. You can verify this by asking about the supplier's documentation, which will include organic certification. This may differ from country to country, so make sure. If you are in the United States, ask the growers for their certification number, the issue date of certification, the date when their annual inspection was completed, the name of the company inspecting the grower and the name of the director of certification. Many reputable companies, like Seeds of Change, post their organic certification online.

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