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Choosing Herbs–Herb Classes & Herb Garden Kits

Herb Classes

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Culinary (cooking) Herbs

Bring life to your kitchen by growing culinary herbs indoors. chives Growing culinary herbs adds fresh homegrown flavor to menus, charm to décor, and wonderful fragrance to your kitchen. Culinary herb gardens often occupy a spot in the kitchens of the world's best chefs. Parsley, sage, chives, thyme, savory, marjoram, mint and basil are all culinary herbs. Grow your own cooking herbs to add fresh zest and flavor to your menus year-round!

Aromatic Herbs

Oils from the flowers or foliage of aromatic herbs are used to produce perfumes, sachets, potpourris and other fragrant Although extracting oils for perfumes is a complex operation, all it takes to release the fragrance of most aromatic herbs is to crush the leaves. Mint, marjoram, lovage, rosemary, and basil are all aromatic herbs. When growing aromatic herbs indoors, pick fresh leaves as soon as the plant has enough foliage to maintain growth. When dried, aromatic herb leaves will retain their fragrance for a long time.

Ornamental Herbs

lavender Fill your home with the bright blossoms and colorful foliage of ornamental herbs.Although many herbs bloom in pastels, valerian has bright crimson blossoms, borage and chicory flower in blue. Thyme, mint, lavender, and chives produce colorful foliage in an assortment of different textures and leaf patterns.

Medicinal Herbs

Back in the days before bottled medicines, herbs were cultivated for nearly every medical condition. aloe Ground into poultices, brewed into teas, boiled into liniments and other elixirs, herbs have long been believed to hold the cures for what ails us. With the rising prices of even over-the-counter medications, many people have gone back to these natural homeopathic remedies. However, before growing herbs indoors for medicinal use, it's best to do some extensive research to be sure that they really are good for what ails you!

Herb Garden Kits

A second, easy way to choose herb cultivars is to purchase an herb garden kit. herb-kitIn addition to allowing you to grow a variety of your favorite herbs, an herb kit is also an affordable way to experiment with new cultivars and, when growing culinary herbs, add new tastes to your recipes.

Herb kits usually include an assortment of popular, easy-to-grow seeds and everything you need to give your herb garden a good start, including instructions and tips for planting and care. Additionally, the different herb seeds in an herb garden kit are compatible companions. One site fits all!

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