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Grow Fresh HerbsThe broad definition of an herb is "any non-woody plant that dies down to the ground after a single growing season." Defined as such, herbs include nearly every plant except for trees, shrubs, and a few woody vines, like grapevines.

All the same, among the thousands of plants that we could call herbs, about 70 cultivars fit the common description. Plants that we commonly consider herbs are broken into categories of aromatic, culinary, medicinal, and ornamental.

Some herbs are Aromatic, Culinary, Medical as Ornamental as Well

Some herbs, like spearmint and peppermint do double, triple and even quadruple duty! For instance, sweet smelling peppermint finds its way into sweet tasting peppermint pieces that mimic the festive appearance of the peppermint blossom, which in turn can right an upset stomach or soften the harshness of a sore throat.

Peppermint is only one of the lovely herbs grown for ornamental purposes. Although some herbs like dwarf myrtle and dwarf hyssop are purely, or at least primarily ornamental, again we find several herbs such as chives, lemon grass, and scented geraniums moonlighting in other categories.

Herbs like lavender and bergamot (bee balm) are two of the herbs most often grown for their heady fragrances. Oils from aromatic herbs produce perfumes and sachets, as well as potpourri air fresheners. When looking for medicinal herbs we find those like the versatile witch hazel, which is an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments with a range of preparations that include use as an ointment as well as an herbal tea. In addition, we find many herbal crossovers in the medicinal herb category. As well as the peppermint mentioned above, other medicinal herbs include bee balm (bergamot) and the dwarf hyssop that is used primarily (but not exclusively) for ornamental purposes.

No herb garden is complete without at least one or two culinary herbs. In fact, parsley is the most popular herb grown in the garden.

Our herb garden is ever-growing like many sections of Gardening Guides. Be sure to check it frequently as we add new cultivars and current information on herbs for your garden. In addition, use our site map and Plants A to Z index to find your favorite common and uncommon herbs!