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Backyard Living Is Quality Living

Ahhh - this is the life. Feet up, relaxing in a comfortable chair, feeling the breeze on your face and watching the sun dance through the leaves. Nothing could be better than time spent hanging out in your backyard. Backyard living is one of the benefits of home ownership, so customizing your backyard to make it your ideal leisure environment is a good investment of time and money.

Outdoor Living – Presented by swing

Year-round backyard living is a luxury reserved to inhabitants of the southern climes, but Northerners can extend their backyard season by using outdoor heaters. When the snow falls, backyards can be used for outdoor skating rinks – a wonderful idea when you have small children.

Backyard and Patio Life

Backyard living, though, is most appropriate for the summertime. With a barbecue and comfortable outdoor furniture, you can spend as much time in your backyard as the daylight permits. Even after sunset, you can enjoy your backyard with outdoor lighting fixtures.

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One of the most pleasant aspects of backyard living is entertaining. Patio and yard parties are that much more enjoyable; people feel good when they are outside and are better able to relax and enjoy themselves. Backyards are great places for people to get together and hang out.

For those with the space and the money, a swimming pool is the ideal accompaniment to backyard living. Along with the fun, swimming is a good way to cool off on a hot day and is also great exercise. What could be better than starting the day with a few laps in your own backyard pool?

Pools can be expensive to maintain though, and many people don't want the extra work that a pool involves. For those who want the soothing qualities of water without the expense and trouble of a swimming pool, a fountain, stream, or pond is the ideal solution. The relaxing sound and beautiful sight of flowing water can add appreciably to your backyard living.

Design Your Backyard for Maximum Pleasure

No matter what your style, you can customize you backyard to suit your taste. You can transform even the smallest backyard into a green space that both stimulates and relaxes. Make your backyard a secluded retreat, a play yard, or an entertainment center. Your choices are only limited by your imagination.

Backyard design planning is essential to using backyard space to your best advantage. It's much easier to visualize how various backyard designs fit into your yard when you plot the layout of your backyard on paper. Accurately capture the size and shape of your backyard with graph paper. Be sure to draw in existing trees, flowerbeds and garden areas.

Don't let existing features inhibit your backyard plans. Examine your space. You may decide to move garden plots, flowerbeds, and/or existing shrubs to make better use of your backyard.

Begin by planning permanent features such as flowerbeds. Allow for future growth in your backyard design. Include shrubs and small trees in your first draft. Remember that trees and shrubs will grow both higher and wider.

Once you've sketched in the permanent features of your backyard, start adding accessories.

What is the best use of your backyard?

Depending on space and budget, you can incorporate several ideas to fashion your ideal backyard environment.

A children's play yard?

A shady sanctuary?

A sun lover's haven?

An outdoor entertainment center?

A garden showcase?

Backyard designs are flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of tastes. As well as a pleasant pastime, designing a functional backyard is an investment in quality time for you, your family, and friends.