Your Year Around Flower and Garden Guide

Evergreen Shrubs

Invest in Year-Round Green for Your Landscape

Why repaint, repair, or replace a fence when you can grow one? Evergreen shrubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are a low maintenance way to maintain privacy in your yard as well as year round beauty.

While wooden fences have their place in our gardens, it seems that if there's one thing a northern winter does well, it wreaks havoc on wood! Paint peels, wood chips and cracks, and sometimes, whole slats just seem to disappear leaving our privacy fence with a gaping hole and our landscape with an eyesore.

Depending on the cultivar you choose, an evergreen shrub fence can provide you with the same amount of privacy as a wooden fence and I promise - you will never have to repaint it or put it back together!

Evergreen shrubs add a soft look to your landscape and hold their color through the frigid winter months adding a welcome glimpse of green to a gray and white world. Moreover, unlike deciduous hedges, since evergreen shrubs don't drop their leaves, they do a better job of maintaining your privacy (no peepholes!) and offer the added benefit of less raking.

Trim Your Landscape with Evergreen Versatility

Broad leaves, narrow leaves (needles), tall trees, short bushes, flowers, berries, and foliage. If you're looking for diversity in landscape trim, look no further than evergreen shrubs. Moreover, most short-needled evergreen shrubs give your yard extra-special flair all summer long with just one pruning and shaping session!

Although you can prune most evergreens to maintain a desired height, some varieties like the English boxwood are dwarf varieties, reaching only about three feet at maturity. Yet, if you want a tall privacy hedge, evergreen shrubs like the Emerald arborvitae and Cedar can reach up to 20 feet in height.

More than short-needled varieties, many evergreen shrubs, like azalea and bamboo are broad-leaved. Evergreen shrubs like azalea and mountain laurel (also related to the rhododendron but not related to the bay tree) bloom with lovely spring flowers that add unexpected color to a budding spring landscape. Others, like holly, offer dense, dark green foliage throughout the summer that adds contrast to large expanses of lawn green and completes the growing season with cheery red holly berries.

Other evergreen fences to grow include Irish juniper, Canadian Hemlock, Japanese Yew, and Mugo Pine. The best way to choose an evergreen shrub is to check your zone for the varieties that best suit your climate. Bamboo and azalea do best in warmer zones while other evergreen shrubs like Holly prefer colder winter rest periods.

Evergreen shrubs give you years of colorful enjoyment. Instead of spending money on fence maintenance, invest in low maintenance evergreen shrubs to add new dimension and lasting beauty to your landscape.