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Garden Pergola Design

Add glory to every morning or rose colors to every sunset with a garden pergola.


The garden pergola is a lovely garden gateway and a beautiful addition to your landscape. In fact, garden pergolas take many shapes and a pergola can be designed in any shape and style to complement your garden, your home, and your landscape. Garden pergola design can be as simple as a doorway to your garden path or as elaborate as a complete room without walls!

An open-frame structure, the garden pergola is a "must-have" for anyone that loves climbing plants. It's the perfect place to let roses climb, ivy twine, and the intrepid morning glory to wander at will.

Because of their simple framework, if you're handy with a hammer and nails, you can probably design and build your own garden pergola in a weekend. Gardening magazines and books often have articles with detailed plans on pergola design. However, for those of us who are all thumbs, pergola kits are sold in most garden supply stores and home improvement centers. Pergola kits come in many materials from wrought iron to treated wood. Design or choose your pergola to match your landscape style as well as the style of your garden.

The flexibility of garden pergola design lets you place them just about anywhere your heart desires.

A garden pergola gives you extra space to grow climbers and add vertical impact to your landscape. After you've installed (or built) a garden pergola, it provides you with an special shady spot to relax and enjoy your backyard whether bird watching, reading, or just relaxing and can be a real plus if your landscape is without a mature shade tree. Easy to build and affordable, the garden pergola is the perfect final touch to any landscape design.