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Leap Into Lawn Care

leap into lawn care

Even if you have never picked up a hoe or knelt to plant a new plant, look out your window and you will probably see the result of your very first gardening effort – your lawn.

For many Americans, the green carpet we call our lawn, is an integral and the largest part of our landscape. Lawn care absorbs a significant amount of time during the summer with weed control, fertilization and irrigation. Indeed, growing a healthy lawn isn't as easy as it looks! Even if your yard is richly endowed with trees, plants, and shrubs, chances are you still have a patch of grass here or there that needs your TLC as well! Use our tips and suggestions to help you maximize the enjoyment of your lawn and minimize lawn care chores.

Don't worry about walking on our grass; now is the time to leap into lawn care!

As gardeners the environment is of major concern. So please use natural pesticides. Let's try to save our beautiful planet for our children

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