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Lawn Weed Control

dandy-flowerLawn weed control can put you on edge. When your knees begin to get calloused and your fingers begin to blister under your gloves from pulling those weeds, remember that James Russell Lowell said, "A weed is no more than a flower in disguise." However, if that doesn't brighten your mood, it's time you developed a lawn weed-control plan.

Please be gentle with our planet, try natural weed control.

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The best defense against lawn weeds is to grow thick, healthy grass.

Proper care of your grass is the best lawn weed control. One gardening myth tells us that the way to a healthy lawn is consistent use of weed killers and fertilizers. Don't believe it! The basis for any good garden, lawn or otherwise, is healthy soil. Healthy soil is full of earthworms, insects, and other microorganisms that weed killers and chemical fertilizers destroy.

Don't over water. Healthy soil holds water, and remember-keeping your soil healthy is the best form of lawn weed control. Water your lawn deeply (about 1 inch) once a week for long, healthy roots. Too frequent watering encourages weed seed germination and keeps grass roots shallow.

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Alternatively, too little water also keeps grass from growing healthy roots. Lawn clippings compress and become "thatch, which not only smothers new growth, but also keeps water from reaching the soil. So pick up your rake or if your lawn is large, consider a mulching mower (a great way to add nutrition to your soil) or a mower with a bag attachment. Some mowers even perform both functions! In fact, a good lawn mower is the best weeding tool you can buy for lawn weed control.

Mow high

Throughout the summer, keep your mower set high. Low mowing, or "scalping" your lawn, stresses grass growth and puts weeds in the spotlight, which is just what they need to grow. Most weeds like direct sunlight. Don't give it to them.

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One reason weeds grow so easily is because they have an abundance of seeds. Mow them down before they flower, which prevents them from "going to seed". Remove scattered rosette weeds (like dandelions) with a small, hand-held trowel or weeding fork.

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