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Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Should you consider using liquid fertilizers? We think that it depends.

If your goal is to grow a healthy lawn, remember this: Healthy growing turf grasses stabilize soil, conserve water, and filter out air and water pollutants. However, when you apply a chemical-packed liquid lawn fertilizer you have just negated everything your grass can do for you naturally… and that's not smart lawn care.

If you're looking for a liquid lawn fertilizer, you'll find plenty of them chock full of chemicals, but if you're looking for an organic liquid lawn fertilizer, you may have more trouble finding one. The first hint as to "why" can be found in a statement from one web site that sells an organic liquid lawn fertilizer, "Liquid formulation provides immediate, observable results through foliar feeding "

Foliar feeding… that means feeding the blades.

Grass is, with no help, one of the most efficient nitrogen processors of all plants. Grass blades grow either from crowns, roots, or from stolons (runners that produces new plants from buds) depending on the type of grass. Your turf is sustained by nourishment it gets from its roots. Roots turn nutrients into carbohydrates and store them for future use. If you initiate a good lawn care program, feeding the soil instead of the turf, your grass gets all the nitrogen and other nutrients it needs, naturally.

Over fertilization disturbs natural biological routines. Since the grass plant has no storage capacity, your grass becomes dependant on your lawn care practices. If you fertilize and water enough, you'll have a beautiful green lawn… right up until the time you quit. Actually, liquid lawns fertilizers or fertilizers of any kind are an unnecessary expense that makes your grass chemically dependant.

The cliché "beauty is only skin deep" could easily apply to your lawn. If you feed your grass and not the soil, your lawn will not establish the healthy root system it needs to resist drought, disease and invasion by pests or weeds. Remember — when you spray your turf with a liquid lawn fertilizer, you sbutract one-third of your lawn care plan each time you mow!