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Perennial Gardens

Perennial flower gardening adds a bright spot to your neighborhood as well as your landscape and spreads the joy of gardening to visitors and neighbors.

A lot of our perennials are real summer and autumn bloomers.

Perennial flowers are one of the most common elements included in garden and landscape designs. Because perennial plants grow and thrive season after season, often getting larger and stronger with bigger blooms every year, perennial flowers are the perfect plants to add to any lawn or garden.


The easiest way to explain the difference between annuals and perennials is that annuals complete their life cycle in a single growing season, while perennials return to give us pleasure year after year. Perennial flowers also have an often-overlooked benefit. Because perennial plants bloom year after year, there is less expense involved in planting a perennial garden than an annual flowerbed.

Different perennials bloom at different times during the growing season. Who can resist the optimism of the crocus as they peek through the last snows of winter, the allure of tulips waving "hello" in the spring breeze, the elegance of brightly colored iris, and the heady fragrance of the lilac? All of them are perennial plants that help us achieve a constant stream of blooms in our gardens.

As one perennial finishes blooming, other plants pick up the torch and so on during the summer months. Many perennials, like those in the aster family, begin bloom in late summer that can last throughout the autumn. Some perennials bloom from late spring to fall, adding beautiful continuity and balance to your perennial garden.

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As the season grows, you'll find more and more detailed information about perennials sown throughout Gardening Guides. Learn all about bulbs, perennial seeds, and take a trip to a perennial farm. Check out our perennial garden plans and learn about shade-loving perennials.

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