Your Year Around Flower and Garden Guide

Spring Flowers - Proof of Renewed Energy

I know my editor doesn’t like overstating but a multi colored spring flower garden is such a delight. After those dark winter months the sunshine and the flowers the energy of spring are really contagious. Spring Violet

Spring Flowers, most of them bulbs are planted in late autumn just before the first frost. Bulb Flowers require a period of dormancy and a frost. If you where too late last autumn you can substitute these in your refrigerator. The most popular spring bulbs (there are autumn flowering as well are:

- Tulips
- Daffodils or Narcissi
- Gladiolas
- Hyacinths

From seeds you can grow:

- Cosmos
- Violets
- Marigolds
- Daisies

 Starting Seeds indoors and transplanting them to your garden is a great and cheap way to have the best quality plants around.

Spring is a time of renewed energy and cleanup. We start anew and make great plans for our garden. Now is the time to actually act on your idea to have a pond, perhaps already a bit late but plant the fruit tree you were thinking about last summer.

Have the patio cleaned up, and perhaps get some new furniture. Your garden and patio are the places where you revitalize, so make them into places where you love to be and where you ”recharge the battery”.

Talking about the patio, have you ever thought of the idea of placing plant containers. It’s lovely and make you easily grow exotics like:

Figs, Ginger or Pineapples, or more practical Herbs. Your containers make a perfect natural border between patio and garden.