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Let's Grow Tulips!

Why Tulips? Why Not!

As the curtain of winter lifts, tulips are one of the first flowers to take the spring stage. As the last drifts of snow seep into the soil, these bright signs of spring dance in the sunlight. However, you don't have to wait for spring to grow tulips. Whether it lies in a bed, under a shrub, in the crevices of a rock garden or in a container, a tulip bulb is an underground flower factory just waiting to "spring up" from whatever soil it occupies.

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Tulip bulbs are easily the most recognizable bulb flower in the world today. When asked to name a flower bulb, most people think first of the tulip.

Spring flower bulb gardens are not only beautiful and easy to grow, but tulips and other bulbs symbolize the first signs of spring and the start of a new growing season.

One of the amazing things about tulip gardens is that they are so versatile. No matter what your gardening style is, tulips lend an elegant touch to your garden whether you prefer to plant your tulips in long rows of strong colors or you prefer an abstract approach to gardening.

If you enjoy abstract tulip gardens, you can achieve a stunning effect by planting tulip bulbs in clusters. By clustering bulbs of the same color together, you will achieve a unified grouping of color that makes a bold statement. However, tulip clusters are beautiful in mixed colors as well. How you plant your tulip garden comes down to personal preference.

Tulips make an excellent addition to perennial gardens. Because tulips are usually the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they provide much needed color to the garden after a long winter. Used in borders or around large shrubs or trees, tulips look absolutely gorgeous.

Tulip gardens are an excellent choice for children, too. Easy-care flowers, tulips flourish year after year, with only the most basic attention. Children love the strong, bold colors of tulips and delight in cutting bouquets of flowers directly from their very own garden to give to family and friends.

Tulip gardens can be beautiful and elegant or wild and carefree. Tulips look wonderful in both formal garden designs as well as informal styles. No matter what your personal style is, tulips look beautiful in any setting.

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