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Related Articles Container Gardening

African Violets – Perfect for Indoor Growing
If you’re looking for an easy plant to start your indoor garden, look no further than the Saintpaulis. The African violet is an easy care plant that, if given a good start, offers continuous bloom for years.........

Impatiens – Snap weed, Touch-Me-Not's  - Hands-off names for a hands-on flower!
Also called “Touch-me-nots” impatiens have so often been grabbed by gardeners in recent years that they are now the number one bedding plant in the US, dethroning the previous queen, the Petunia. A favorite for beds and borders, “Snapweed” (another name for this modest, cheerful plant) also makes a cheery display in hanging baskets or container gardens on patio, porch, and in the flower and fruit gardening guides home. ........

Container Garden Flowers
A container garden of flowers turns simple décor into decoration. No matter how much available space you have, a container garden of flowers adds vitality and allure to bland design. Add impact with bold-colored large blooms or whimsy with small flowers in pastels......

Organic Container Gardening
Think it over. Do you really want commercial quality fruits and vegetables from your garden or are you growing to get the best Mother Nature can provide? If you chose the latter, consider the fastest growing form of gardening in the world— Organic Container Gardening......

Plants for Container Gardening
Plants for container gardening include just about any plant you can imagine. Annuals, perennials, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, foliage, shrubs, or yes… even small potted trees embellish our flower and fruit gardening guides homes with cordial warmth.....

Grapes Container Gardening
Although you probably have seen many varieties of potted plants, did you know that grapes are well suited to container gardening? In fact, just about any plant that grows in your garden will also grow in a container. However, there is one problem with grapes in container gardening......

Container Garden Design
If you’re not quite ready to put those gardener’s gloves away, consider trying a container garden design. Whether you choose to fill a space with several pots or fill a pot with several plants, a container garden takes the ho-hum out of a long-winded winter......

Sunflower Container Gardening
Put some animation into your container gardening with the addition of lively and cheerful sunflowers. New dwarf varieties with whimsical names like the multi-colored Music Box mixture and the golden, double-flowered, fuzzy-faced Teddy Bear seem to be made for container gardening with blossoms that stretch only 12 to 24 inches......

Indoor herb gardening
When growing herbs indoors, it’s easy to organize a mini-garden to suit your needs by choosing herbs from one of four classes: Culinary, Aromatic, Ornamental, and Medicinal. Moreover, many herbs fit into more than one class, making any herb garden a source of attraction, fragrance, and healthy and flavorful eating.......

Grow Basil Inside

New Container Garden Ideas
So much is possible with containers. Keep them inside, in the garden or on the patio. I love them in the Garden to create a colorful ordering I could not achieve otherwise

Vegetable Container Gardens
Especially fun for small vegetables, and perfect to do together with your children. Harvest and eat, learn the child the connection to growing and eating

Flower Container Gardens
Absolutely perfect!!! From early spring Narcissus, to Flowering Perennials. Summer Flowers or Herbs.

New Colorful Container Garden Ideas
Use pots in complementary colors, match with the color of flowers

Bonsai Garden Design
Bonsai are kept in confined small spaces, and that is exactly what a container is. More, we need a controlled environment for a lot of species we want to cultivate

More Container Gardening

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