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Annuals are quick-to-bloom, easy to grow plants that complete their growing cycles in one season.

Healthy Bulbs
The choices one faces when you want to buy flower bulbs are enormous. To make an educated decision on what the  right bulbs in your situation are needs some "digging".

Purple Violet
A celebrity, four states have chosen her as the flower of the state.

Short History of the Tulip
Short, because there is so much to be told about the tulip. Its history in 16th century Holland alone is enough for a complete internet site.

Tulip Care

Tulip Gardens

Flower Container Gardens
Some Ideas to play around with different colored pots, use complementary colors or combinations like orange and yellow to brighten up your patio.

New Flower Container Garden Ideas
We also like to experiment and found some new ideas to create a colorful container garden.

Clematis Armandii
This is a cultivar that has a lot of fans. Messenger of spring, it brings a scent of sweet vanilla you won't forget.

Summer Flowers
Instead of a complete dozing off here are some refreshing ideas for your summer flowers

Flower Gardening and Design

Corn Flower

Sun Flower