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Spring is around the corner - Rejoice April is just around the Corner

Do you believe in magic - I do when I walk around my Spring Garden

Spring. The land is in a state of rebirth from the ice and snow of the winter months, and the flowers and trees are readying themselves to unfurl their springtime glory. There is magic in the air people places and things. All looks better, the sun definitely is improving my outlook on life, but it's more.

As gardeners this is the time we feel the itch to bury their hands deep within fertile earth and the work begins in earnest. Left out of all the fun are gardeners without access to ground space. How pity full they must feel. Still with gardening comes creativity. And no matter what we find a way to get our hands dirty. For these not so pity full gardeners there are numerous possibilities to get at least part of the action. As real green thumbed people we have a secret weapon not many know about.

Its called containers! Container Gardening is not a second rate option, something like if all else fails. Container gardening is a real serious way of gardening with it's own challenges and fulfillments. 

Well yes if we are left the choice most of us would prefer a few acres of good land, but containers are great to.

With land at a premium in cities, gardeners have to find alternative ways to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. Home improvement and gardening stores sell pots in a variety of sizes and come in a assortment of materials ranging from wood to plastic. Tulip Gardens

The most popular is the clay pot. If cost is a factor, plastic works very well and many are decorated with great aesthetics in mind. The process of planting in a pot is threefold. The first step is to select the correct size needed for the size of the mature plant. The second step is making sure the pot has sufficient drainage. The best way to achieve this is to place a layer of rocks on the bottom of the pot before adding the soil and fertilizer. This not only provides a great drainage system, but it also adds stability to the container so that spillage is minimized. The third tip should be obvious but is often overlooked by overzealous gardeners. Unlike flowers, vegetables have to have more room for growth and additional nutrition. If the pot or container is overcrowded, the plants will suffer and not achieve their maximum potential.

Not having a backyard is no reason to forgo gardening. Container gardening is a great way to experiment with different types of vegetables, fruits and flowers. They are a very inexpensive way to jazz up an apartment balcony or the patio of a duplex or condominium. Container gardening is also a great way to test your green thumb. You don't have to invest lots of time and money only to discover that your gardening talents are limited to growing mold in the refrigerator!Crocusses


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