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A Garden Fountain - Relaxation and Delight

Fountains are fabulous! The soothing sound of water splashing into a pond at the end of a hot day is what keeps many busy people’s nerves from fraying.

You can have a huge pool with a statue in the middle from whence shoots a steady stream of water at the flick of a switch. Or you could have a tiny, cute little pond with a 30 cm high spray tinkling merrily. You might even like to have something like a bamboo pipe dripping water into a stone water pot or jug.Garden Fountain

The sound of slashing water in the pond on a warm summers night, now that's what I call a stress reliever.

Terrain, space, environment and your budget will dictate your choice. If you have tons of space and cash to spare, you might want to go the whole hog and put in a huge pool complete with fish and a statue in the center. At the other end of the spectrum you could buy one of those pre-formed pools with a water pump and get your own rocks from the river to decorate it. Both ideas are great.

If you live on a steep block of land, it may be easy for you to make a waterfall type of fountain, using the natural lay of the land. Unless you have some kind of experience, you might be well advised to get the services of a professional to put it in for you.

Whatever type of terrain you have, you will need to make sure your fountain is level to work properly; otherwise you could end up losing most of your water. To level your pond or fountain, you may need to dig out a section and add sand - if using a preformed pool. Make use of a carpenter’s level to make sure it is truly level.

The Pump - Solar Powered?

You’ll need a submersible pump if you are going to create your own small fountain. You may be able to get a small plastic statue that is suitable and drill a hole through it to make the fountain. You’ll need extra plastic piping the same diameter as the discharge adaptor on your pump. Drill a hole in the statue or make one with a knife and then feed the tubing through it, joining the bottom end to the pump.

Adjust the statue so that when the fountain falls from it, it hits about the center of your pool. If it goes to the side, water will splash out and you’ll need to keep on replacing it. There are many lovely ideas for creating your own fountain at nurseries or Home Depot stores and similar places.