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Specialty Gardens

Specialty Gardens, whether you're a veteran gardener searching for some different garden paths or a beginning gardener looking for an easy road to gardening, let Gardening Guides point you to the best garden plans and unique ideas for gardening. Iris

  1. Grow a wildflower garden to import a bit of the country into the city.
  2. Plant a Tuscan garden or tropical garden to transform your backyard into a vacation spot.
  3. Add enchantment to your backyard by creating a haven for butterflies.
  4. Create a summer oasis in your yard with shade gardening!
  5. Get the how-to's on rock gardens and water gardens. And some new ideas on unique water garden design
  6. Good for almost anything, herb gardens
  7. Good Flower Garden Design includes spring, summer and autumn bloomers
  8. English Gardens, the design and Ideas behind them are interesting
  9. Bonsai Gardens, or "Zen and the art of gardening"
  10. Exotic Gardens, where people spend their time and energy in growing the most outlandish plants

Cheer up your ho-hum landscape with something special! Whether your specialty is annual or perennial flowers, fruits, or vegetables, if you can dream it, Gardening Guides can help you grow it! Find specialty garden ideas, tips, and information on the menu below. Check out our complete Garden Design section for even more tips, idea, design plans, and gardening alternatives to grow a successful garden that brightens up your landscape and sparkles with your personality. Visit Plants A-to-Z for information on individual plant varieties and companion information to complete your garden design.