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The Harmony of Tuscan Garden Design

As classic as Italian opera, the Tuscan garden is a medley of plants and landscape features that resonate with old world charm.

One of the secrets of the continued success of Italian culture is the Italian veneration for the country's history. The secret in Tuscan garden design lies in the gardener's ability to preserve the garden's history while choreographing every inch of space into a picturesque sonata of beauty.

tuscan-gateTuscany, known for its flavorful Italian wines, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and one of the most scenic regions of Italy. An enchanting feature of the beauty of Tuscany is the casual, comfortable feel of Tuscan gardens. However, although the feel of a Tuscan garden is relaxed, it is never lax. Skillfully orchestrated plantings revive time-weathered garden walls and statuary in a Tuscan garden.

Grape vines pipe along garden gates, an overture to old stone pathways that echo with old-world enchantment as they waltz between patches of planted and potted flowers and hop around well-trimmed shrubs. A cascade of rippling water gurgles grace notes from a wall waterfall or garden fountain, surrounded by a choir of flowers. Chipped urns and broken terra cotta pots sing with the heady scent of lavender and other aromatic herbs and flowers, adding to the Tuscan garden symphony.

What Do You Plant in a Tuscan Garden?

More important than what you plant in a Tuscan garden is how you plant it. A notable characteristic of Tuscan garden design is a prolific use of vase-like pots and other garden containers.

A patch of poppies will feel right at home in your Tuscan Garden.

Low-lying flower borders debut large urns that contain a single flowering shrub such as a hydrangea or old world rose tree.

The Tuscan garden is a great place to give your indoor herb garden a breath of fresh air. Freshen up your outdoors with the aromas of your favorite Italian cooking herbs like oregano and sweet basil. Tuscan gardens are ideal spots for keeping mint in its place– a large garden urn or pot.

The Tuscan garden also makes use of garden features such as walls, gates, and statuary. Grow a climbing rose up an old garden wall or decorate it with grape ivy or a true grape vine.

Just remember to keep containers natural and modern ideas minimal and you'll soon be the maestro of your own Tuscan garden design!